Grading and Drainage



The Challenge

Creating a beautiful and clean area for water to drain properly away from the house while providing space for beautiful plants and trees.

The Solution

Grading is determining if top soil needs to be brought in or taken out, and leveling the area. Drainage includes determining where the low areas are in the yard and rerouting run off rain water away from these areas, by building a French drain, burm, or raising the low areas with top soil.

Number of Pavers


Pavers Cut

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Water Drainage resolved by 100%

Water Drainage

Rerouting run off water away from the foundation of the house and driveway.

Creative Use of Pavers and Landscape Materials

Using pavers and design we were able to create a beautiful and sturdy wall for landscaping.

Picturesque landscape

Our design included plenty of space for future landscaping with beautiful plants and trees.

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